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Why choosing responsive web design is a good idea?

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Why choosing responsive web design is a good idea?

Posted by: Evans_kweh
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Every year we are introduced to a new smart device with variable screen sizes. We have transitioned from home computers, to laptops, smartphones, tablets, readers. All these devices were manufactured with small and low-resolution displays, slowly transitioning towards bigger screens with resolution up to 8K. Another shift in paradigm comes with the preference of users, some prefer larger screens and monitors, others prefer the mobility of a laptop, some prefer compact smartphones others prefer large displays and higher resolutions, some prefer android devices, others prefer apple or windows.

With these shifts and the ever-rising advancement in technology, if you own a website or an application, conventionally it would be extremely difficult for you to manage your website or application based on the ever-changing requirements. This is where the concept of responsive web design saves the day.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is the approach that suggests that the development and the design should be based on the user’s environment and behavior based on screen size, orientation and platform.

Responsive design as a practice consists of variable or flexible layouts and grids that respond to the device you are using to view the content. As a user if you switch from using your laptop to an iPad, the website will automatically switch to accommodate for the smaller screen size and thus shrink the size of image sizes and viewing abilities in general.

Benefits of Responsive web design

Responsive web design has countless benefits for every stake holder including developers, designers, business owners and users. We highlight some of the key benefits of incorporating responsive design.

More traffic

Adjusting your website to all types and kinds of devices available on the market and otherwise means a greater number of users and thus more traffic. Users mainly rely on their smartphones for using the internet based on its convenience and mobility. Therefore, it is crucial to have a website that is suitable for mobile users, some website owners rely on routing mobile users to a different version of the website that is specifically suited for mobile devices but that offers lower versatility and increases the development costs.

Faster development and lower costs

Making a single responsive website takes considerably less time than making a separate website suitable for mobile users. Responsive design can help save you a ton of developmental costs by simply relying on having a single module developed for all sorts of users. Responsive design’s universal size suitable for all approach means lower costs and more productive results.

Low maintenance and bounce rates

Imagine having several versions of your website with each version suitable for a particular type of device, contrary to that, imagine a single website that is suitable for all types of devices. If you ever want to upgrade a feature or fix an error, you will have to manage several versions of the website as opposed to a responsive website which will simply adjust to the changes.

A responsive website delivers a consistent user experience, keeping users bound to the website even after switching between devices. This will help the user stick to your website for longer periods of time.

Easier Analytics and Improved SEO

Managing several versions of a website will mean difficulty in analyzing the traffic and thus preventing security threats to the website. Developers will be required to track down the source of the traffic to every individual website as opposed to tracking down traffic to a single website.

Responsive web design improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO), by attracting a greater density of users. Having multiple version of the same website is now treated as duplicate content which ranks your website lower than it could be.


Responsive design will not only allow you to save money, but it will always help you in terms of maintenance costs and delivering the best user experience. As a business owner you will always wish to have a wider spectrum of users interacting with your website of application. Therefore, incorporating responsive web design should be the top priority.

Author: Evans_kweh

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